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Ashley Denison

Still falling breathless and on again





 My inspiration for the project:



 The link to the song at the end of the story-Just for fun:enjoy

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I chose Barry Holden from Spoon River. Barry is in debt, losing his home and farm to a wealthy man named Thomas Rhodes. Barry works as a struggling defendant in Lynwood. With six loses he hopes to win in the case of Dr. Duval who's suspected of murdering his wife Zora. Barry's wife Lannie is pregnant and her contensious nature coupled with a suspicion of infidelity, pushes Barry over the edge and he kills her using a hatchet. After the murder the Lynwood Sheriff and Thomas Rhodes find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay








Step 3: Writing Your Logline:

Late 1920's in Lynwood, IL. A series of murders occur when a man losing everything is pushed too far.






Barry Holden from Spoon River Anthology

THE very fall my sister Nancy Knapp Set fire to the house

They were trying Dr. Duval For the murder of Zora Clemens,

And I sat in the court two weeks Listening to every witness.

It was clear he had got her in a family

And to let the child be born Would not do.

Well, how about me with eight children, And one coming,

and the farm Mortgaged to Thomas Rhodes?

And when I got home that night, (After listening to the story of the buggy ride, And the finding of Zora in the ditch,) The first thing I saw, right there by the steps,

Where the boys had hacked for angle worms,

Was the hatchet!

And just as I entered there was my wife,

Standing before me, big with child. She started the talk of the mortgaged farm,

And I killed her


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