Lyn Meredith

Children's book illustrator



Lyn Meredith's Influence Map AND very first Photoshop project.

I might be the only person on Skillshare that cannot navigate Photoshop.  I am a self taught artist, and I am currently illustrating my first traditionally published children's book. ( I've done storyboards and dummies in order to teach myself the process, and I've done a book for a self published author.)  I have tried and tried to teach myself Photoshop, even with tutorials, and have been totally frustrated. This is my first real project, start to finish, humble as it is!!! lol  I used 3 Photoshop books, and 2 online help tutorials.

Thank you Christine for your videos!  Thank you especially that my first assignment on Skillshare in your class was simple enough that even I could figure it out!  I am inspired by your journey to illustration.  I look forward to learning more about Photoshop, and art process from you and other artists on Skillshare.


My Themes:

1. I love books and book illustration. I am not much inspired by TV or movies. I might admire the story in movies and TV plots, but I am not majorly influenced by them. I guess I like books better because they let me use my own imagination. 

2. I love characters that learn about themselves while overcoming obstacles. I am totally inspired by people that never give up.

3. Everyday life adventures are even more fascinating to me than imaginary worlds.

4. Animals do talk.  I have interesting conversations with my horses and my neighbor's dog and cats on a daily basis. Heck, I do this with all the animals I come across. LOL They have behavior and feelings just like we do. Something about that has always caused me to fly off into imaginative, spontaneous tales or to amplify their thoughts and daily adventures. 

5. I love interesting, multi dimensional characters, whether they are people or animals.

6. I love childhood, children, and childlikeness. 

7.  I love traditional illustration, especially color washes with pen and ink or just plain graphite drawings.


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