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Lydia Vasileva

Creative Mind, Blank page



Lydia Vasileva's Plan

1. Home Base

  •  Subject – A coffee mug.

Note: I love coffee mugs. : 3.

  •  Every. Day. – even if it’s a sketch

Note: I have the time to do it now.

2. Goals

  • Why am I bad at learning and what I need to change (Bad Goals)?

- I am too lofty; I want to try everything at the same time. I should take it one at a time!
- I am too vague; I burn out really easily, because I get frustrated that I want to do everything, but can’t and I just half-heartedly do things.

  • Why am I good at learning and on what do I need to focus (Good Goals)?

- I can be really consistent and I am really good at planning my time and being able to look at my pictures and figure out what is wrong.

  • Setting New Goals:

- Being more focused on what I want.
- Thinking about the first steps and start from there.
- Being consistent and not changing my goal until it is done.
- Appreciate myself and my art, even if I think it is bad, it is helping me grow.
- Don’t get so frustrated.
3. Be Consistent

  • Living and working with someone else in the room, I will have to work on being able to “turn off” that I am not alone.
  • I am learning a lot of things at the same time, but art is a priority.
  • I have to turn off my phone and I have to get up from the PC.
  • I have to be stingy with myself and my time.

4. Relationship

  • Honesty:

- I love doing art and it has always been a part of my life. I am honest with it and I know that I need it in my life and getting better at it means I am getting better at life.

  • Nurture:

- I left art out of my life for a while and now I am getting back to it slowly (a part of why I am taking this class.).

  • Pay Attention and Sacrifices:

- Being frustrated and being disappointed is a real problem I have and I do realize that I have to change my mind set, make the sacrifice to re-learn how to look at art so I can become better and stay more focused.

  • Healthy:

- I do believe that my relationship with art is healthy; the only problem is that I need to mend it back and I am starting to realize that it will take time.

5. Moods

  • I am usually in the “Flat” mood; I have been only sketching and thinking about concepts of paintings. I don’t think the “Good” mood is the mood I need right now, because I have been in this mood before and all I can do is paint by hearth, without thinking all that much. The perfect place for me is a “Flat-Good-ish” Mood when I want to do a painting that I have planned out. In the “Ugly” mood I have made my best paintings – the ones filled with raw emotions. But recently, as I have started doing art once more, I can’t channel my “Ugly” energy as well, so now all I do is “thinker”.

6. Observation

  • Look.
  • Listen.
  • Take Notes.

- Use a Journal.
- Goal list.

  • Find Solution.
  • Make a Goal (Back to step 2.).

7. Session

  • 1st place in importance: Goals
  • 2nd place in importance: Observing
  • 3rd place in importance: Painting

8. Art Chart

  • Keep track on how I am going, so I don’t lose my track!


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