Lychee Moth Creative



My project is a mockup for a creative portfolio/creative brand in Pattern Design, Illustration, and Print. 

My website/brand is called Lychee (lee.chee) Moth. Why Lychee  Moth? Its basically just a whymsical name for a creative brand I'm using for self pomotion. I feel like full names are becoming far too overused in small scale creative endeavors (ex. Angela Smith Photography / Bob Collins Design). I don't want to get lost in a sea of creatives that all just end up sounding like you're reading out of a highschool yearbook. 

To create this page mockup I ended up using Adobe Illustrator. I know its probably not the most professional for webdesign, but I became frusterated trying to learn Moqup and Fireworks. So I decided to just go with what I know for ease of completing the project and having it look how I envisioned.

Anyway, I'm still just starting out delving into webdesign and really enjoyed this class because it was so in depth about the reasoning behind the artistry of a website. Many other tutorials online are all about HTML and CSS only, but that is only useful if you know HOW you want your page to look. I feel like this class has really helped me to get a better grasp of elements and techniques used to create a nice looking website. Thank you for a great class, Jack Zerby! 

Any critiques of my project are greatly welcomed and appreciated! 



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