Luxury White Shirts for Men

So these are the video ads I created for the brand I am working on. These three are about Whites shirts for men which are the staple for any occasion and then showed the collection for three occasions: Work, Ceremonial, and Leisure. 

I have used three story videos as an ad set. 


The objective was to drive the members of a loyalty program in store by giving them a reason to shop. Since this was an online ad to offline sales conversion, it was more awareness and reach based campaign than performance driven. 


The first ad introduces Whites as a concept and then get's into the business collection. I have a video in the background that is very modern I believe. There is no CTA here as this is the first video in the ad set and it looks like a thumbstopper creative. I also want my users to go through rest of the ads. 

There is no overlay text as the creative appeal of the video is not compromised. The same reason also for using gifs and emojis. 

The second part is about the Leisure collection. 


The third video is about the Ceremonial Collection. Here you can see the video ads having the CTA with the swipe up coming up as we are in the Third video of the set and now they should lead to the landing page. 


My Landing Page Looks like 




Performance Metrics 


Reach: 116k

Impressions: 417k

CTR: 0.13% 

The reason why I am not disappointed with the CTR is that these are offline ads for the brand's customers. This becomes effectively a remarketing ad. Again the action drive is for offline visits and not online activity. 



Thanks Luna Vega. I am new to this ad format but your class helped in some basics. 


Awaiting everyone's feedback. 


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