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Lux Family Crest

Hey everyone! I'm Zac.

I haven't been able to get in contact with everyone in the family about our way-way-far back roots yet, so I decided to build my crest off of what I have know about my direct family -- mostly focusing on my mom, dad, and where we are from.


MOM: Calligraphy (Would like any typography in the crest to be of a calligraphic nature.) Adirondack Chairs, gardening, and being a nurse. Her favorite flower (combo) was Roses and Babies Breath. Unfortunately, she was quite sick, and went back to the universe when I was about 10 years old. It would be cool to honor her and her spirit with this.

DAD: Computers (Been working at Xerox a while -- Perhaps a photocopy esque finish?) Star Trek, he was a kick ass bowler back in the day, worked at his Uncle's bowling alley since he was 5 or 8. He also worked on his cousin's dairy farm. Into photography, used to do Karate with me when I was younger. He is a second degree black belt.

FAMILY PET: RASCAL -- a Maine-Coon kitty cat who went back to the universe earlier this year. My brother and best friend for 17 kick-ass years.

MYSELF: Aside from being into Metal, Design, crushing beers and paling around with friends -- I was told by a close family member that, given my mom's sickness at the time, doctors told my mother that my odds of not getting sick after birth was 60/40. These were the odds of me being here, right now. I think it would be nice to note this in some way in the crest.

WE HAIL FROM: Rochester, NY.

BONUS: Our family name was "Von Lux" before we hopped the pond. (At least that's what my dad told me, once.)



Rochester has been referred to as a few different things: The Flour City, The Flower City (we're big on lilacs.) and originally -- The Young Lion of the West, as it was allegedly one of America's first boomtowns.

If I am to add filigree to this crest, I think it would be ideal to feature the lilac flower, as a nod to Rochester.

I thought it would be interesting to use the trademark "Back of the Adirondack Chair" shape for the crest itself. However, I think it can get a little clunky when the legs and arms are tossed in here. Thoughts?

Here is some more stuff. The swords/weapon you are seeing sketched here is a "Sai" which is what my dad and I used in Karate when we were more active with the practice. Pretty ok with bo-staffs too.

Rascal eating the chair. RASCAL illustrated similar to that of the medieval lion crests.

About to get going with more vectoring but please LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK/ANY INPUT AT ALL. THANK you!


You guys, I think I'm on to something!

UPDATE II: Narrowing it down a bit.

Think I'm into the chair with the legs sticking out -- breaks up the shape of the overall crest a lil more. I feel like RASCAL's shape isn't as consistent as the rest of the design though.

Any thoughts about the Cat's shape/anything else? Thanks!


Narrowed it down to some options. Any opinions/critiques here? Let me know, thanks a lot! Would love to get some last minute feedback on this one.


Made some changes from critiques. Mostly adjusting the size/amount of flowers, trying out some options with Sai, and adjusting general shape of the crest overall. Thanks for all who helped me out!

Think I'm going to go with option 2A here. Though I dig the Sai, I think they may be adding a little too much sauce to the overall crest. I like the simplicity of the options.

Phone didn't update my dialogue from last night -- Here is the final. I'm pretty satisfied with the result! I'm going to try and order some rocks glasses with the crest etched onto them for my Pops for a Christmas gift. Thanks Aaron for the excellent class. Hope all is good -- PEACE!


Mocked this bad larry up onto some glasses. Anyone have any recommendations of a good spot I can order something like this from?

PS: If anyone has any additional constructive criticism they would like to bestow upon me after the matter, please feel free. 

SO LONG, FELLOW DESIGNERS! It has been a real fun time.


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