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Lust for Vespa


So I was finally able to get some more sketching and work done on this project.

Here's where the vespa illustration stands. Thanks for all the suggestions! They really helped. I still need to add texture to it, but I figured I'd get my other one underway before finalizing this one, just incase I am inspired to do anything else to this one.

And here's my concept sketch for my second one. I liked Scotty's suggestiong to make my series be all heads, so I kept up with that theme. This one will depict a woman who loves high fashion and is envious of royalty, thus the crown in her eyes. I wasn't sure if it was a cop out to use the symbol replacing the eyes again, but I was struggling to show envy any other way. I'm open to suggestions though.


I have some vector art done for my first concept. I'd love to hear some feedback on any refinements!

Here's my concept for my first illustration. I chose lust as my first deadly sin to illustrate. My concept is a guy/hipster who is lusting after a vespa, so you see the vespa replace his eyes to show what has his focus and undivided adoration. Let me know your thoughts!


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