Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern

Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern - student project

Exploring new and interesting genre's and styles is super exciting, but this time around I really wanted to create something that screamed "ME, MINE". Thus Fantasy with lovely modern twists, or possibly Modern with fantasy twists? Depends on what part of the world you look at I suppose. 

When I first started to brainstorm I decided to take on this Modern/Fantasy combination: Having cities that are almost too familiar and modern, but the more rural you go the more the magical fantasy elements really start to show. This also would be represented in the citizens and government (Or lack thereof).

When deciding on the subject of this illustration I knew I wanted to tackle a lone home. A home that while all on it's own, is still lush, vibrant, and welcoming. I imagined a floral and fungi filled field with a bold modern home. I made many thumbnails, and once I chose one I was happy with I started to experiment with values. 
Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern - image 1 - student projectThese are a few variations. I ended up choosing the one in the top right to use as my base, It did stray away from that quite a bit however. 

Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern - image 2 - student projectAfter choosing a value base and doing a messy line base I added color. 
I actually used a little color blend I randomly painted a few months ago as an overlay to get a basic color scheme down. Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern - image 3 - student project 
From there, painting. I really enjoyed the painting process, and am super excited to experiment with other locations within this bold world. 

That being said, Here is the outcome...

Lush Fantasy, Yet Modern - image 4 - student project

I am slowly studying and learning to create environments, and this class has given me a grand new outlook on the process. So, Thank you! 

- Alona Lambert
P.s. I share this skillshare account so.. Yay, Name differences. :D