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Lurking Wolf

I am able to work well on my own and I have a wide range of skills varying from ideation, design, animation, video and more. These skills allow me to tackle productions on my own but I can also work, in a group, or pack, this is why I picked the wolf. The wolf is on a lurking stance because it is ready to act, ready to move, studying the situation but focused on its next move, and just about to make that further step.

I began by familirizing myself with the anatomy of the wolf with a moodboard:


Then there were sketches made based on the moodboard stances:


Inked various attempts to simplify the image, but I had difficulties doing it so on paper, I continued to refine the wolf and add even more detail so I improvised:



At first, the vector wolf was not looking too... simplified:


But then I began to remove detail and capture the essence of the wolf and the stance that I was pursuing: 


I remove the mouth line because it was too much having the eyes and the nose there as well


Many hour later, I simplified the shape of the wolf, but I was not satisfied and I spent more hours simplifying it further:


I utilized the grid system as adviced by George (Thank you!) and I managed to break the detailed image of the Lurking Wolf even further still:


I added some detail to separate the legs on the foreground as well as the tail, I also researched the anatomy of the wolf, in more detail because I saw in the progress of this logo that the wolf was looking like a dog, to fix that I made the tail point downwards and elongated the jaw to match the proportions of a wolf, I wanted the paws to be simplyfied, so I decided to imply movement by giving them pointy ends. 

I want to apply the Grid to the final Wolf one last time, I am not happy with the lifted paw on the front or the pointy ear.

---To be continued --- 


There were more grids applied...


I made an attempt to define the detail on the chest of the wolf, but I quickly realized that it would get lost if the mark was scaled down so I decided to remove it completely:

With chest hair:


Without Chest hair:


Last image is actually the final version of this beast! The next few images are some color variations I favored, I believe that the color above it's also the final color scheme... Also, I made the hind-background-leg thinner, as Angelica pointed it out it looked odd, a thinner leg is anexcellent call because it provides perspective.





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