Lupines Teaching me all the way into Painting

Hi Kellie,

This is my second attempt to painting and with this artwork, i really learnt a lot about what went wrong. The most important lesson i learnt is perspective. My background mountains are very big in proportion as compared to the ones in the front. Also, my birds are too big and when i see my painting in hand, it does not seem near realistic because of wrong perspective. Another lesson i learnt about color combinations and variations. I need to learn more about color temperature so that i can bring a better contrast in my paintings. 

What is different this time is i am not feeling sad on making mistakes in this painting, because i am feeling happy that these mistakes really taught me some lessons.

I am also using student quality paper, may be that is the reason of monotone flavor when using greens in front and back and feeling blooms in the colors too.

Any advice on brush strokes and color mixing is most welcome!

And, yes please let me know what is the size of paper you are using in the class. I think i miss to hear that in the video, or it was not mentioned!

Thanks a lot.



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