Lunch Time

Lunch Time - student project


To follow along with the key points in the first class.

Once upon a time a little apple boy would go to school happy as can be. And every day he would see his crush sitting in the same spot during lunch time. Until one day he gathered all his courage and decided to "ask her out", which was something big boys did. The girl said yes,and because of this he was really happy, but also clouding his judment. And because of this the girl would get away with bossing him around/bullying him to do embarrassing things. Until finally one day a little light bulb turns on and he realizes that if he wants to earn respect, first he has to respect himself, thus breaking of from her malevolent grasp. Ever since that day  the little apple boy  never again had to diminish himself to be liked and found out that people will like him more for who he is. As for the girl just like a waiting venus fly trap, she entangled another boy.


My story is set in a elementary school cafeteria.

All the children here take the shape of either a fruit or

A shy/awkard boy gathers his courage, and asks the
prettiest girl out. He thinks that if he can accomplish
that, his status in school will get better. What he
doesnt know is that this particular girl is EVIL. She
agrees of course, but not without taking advantage of
him and making his life a living hell. He learns the hard way
that respect is something one must earn. As
he comes to realize this and walks away from her, another
boy falls into the trap and the cylce continues.

some working concepts for the way the characters will lookLunch Time - image 1 - student projectLunch Time - image 2 - student projectLunch Time - image 3 - student project