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Brandon Carrasco

Solar Engineer, MBA Student, Entrepreneur



Lunch Time Walk

I took a walk at lunch and snapped a number of pictures.  I chose an abandoned hospital administration building as my first subject to edit.  I shot these images with my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone camera.

This is the original image out of my phone camera:

There is a big ugly light pole in the foreground, and some numbers on the building that I removed with TouchRetouch in the next image (the app is super easy and works very well!):

Next I cropped the image to a square, upped the saturation slightly on the blue entry way accent, and added a small amount of structure in SnapSeed.  Then in VSCO using a filter and some tweaking, I created the first version of my image.  I wanted a clean, slightly more bright and washed out look:

The second edit in VSCO was a black and white variation:

The final edit in VSCO was a very colorful, HDR feel.  I like the colors and the eye-catching appeal:


The second photo edited is a crumbling handicap parking designator in the parking lot of an abandoned hospital administration building.

First version was edited to add some dramatic effect, but still hold true to the actual color. 

Second version was edited to a black and white variation.

The third version is based on the black and white version, but with a splash of color.  I used the VSCO highlight tint feature to make the lines purple.


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