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Lunch Break - Web Series for KarmaloopTV

Hey Class! Everyone calls me Lou. This is my project for the class, any feedback is appreciated!

Lunch Break - Web Series

(For KarmaloopTV)

Target Market

College Students/Young Adults/Millennials who like food, fashion, and travel. Individuals 18-30 with disposable income for Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, clothing and accessories for all occasions.

  • Where do they like to shop: Karmaloop, JakeThreads, Pacsun, Gilt, local boutiques/sneaker stores, Ikea, Target

  • Where do they like to eat: Local eateries, in n out burger, shake shack, chick fil a, the corner store/bodega, whole foods and authentic foreign restaurants

  • Where are they from: NYC, Atlanta, Washington DC, Boston,Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Dallas, Chicago, London, Paris, Madrid, Dubai, Lagos, Johannesburg, Tokyo et

  • Music they listen to: Pop, Hip-Hop,Top 40, Dubstep, EDM, Afro Beat, Alternative, etc

My target market loves new experiences and traveling. People love to go to new cities and experience the culture and food. Every major city is known for some type of food. New York style slice of Pizza, a philly cheesesteak, Mumbo sauce in DC, Waffle House in Atlanta, In-n-Out burger in california, and the list goes on. When you travel to a city you want to know what spots have good food so you can have a nice lunch with your friends and have good food and good conversation.

Why not inspire them to go out and experience the world ?


Create a weekly video web series contest documenting influencers and a host eating lunch. Each episode will feature brands that Karmaloop carries on their site. They will eat authentic food from other countries or classic American food. This allows for local spots in cities to be featured, giving viewers a fresh place to eat and share a new experience with their friends and family.  During the lunch the host and guest can discuss style, influences, pop culture, street fashion, food, etc. The Videos will drop exclusively on the Karmaloop app first and then be released on the KarmaloopTV site and YouTube. If there is enough footage to break the interview into parts, the contest will be broken down into parts as well.

The contest element of watching the videos: Once the video is posted to  the Karmaloop app, viewers will then go to twitter to guess 3 to 4 brands that the host or guest were wearing for a chance to get a speacial discount code good for 72hrs. Winners will be able to use their discount code for Karmaloop merchandise or toward events working with Karmaloop or sponsored by Karmaloop. The first 50 correct answers will receive a discount code, out of the first 50 the first 10 will receieve a higher discount code than the rest of the group.

The video will need to be posted between 1pm and 2pm EST to account for different time zones.  Since the video will be released on the Karmaloop app, this will need to become a more prominent feature on the app. Possibly adding KTV to the homepage.

Clues to what brands the host and guest are wearing can be in the conversation of the video.

Idea Plan

  • The first Season will be a 5-7 episode series

  • The Videos should be between 3-4 minutes.

  • A block of 2 hours will be need to capture footage of the special guest and the host eating and talking.

  • A staff of 5-7 people will be need to create each video

  • A budget will be needed for

    • food

    • clothes

    • travel

    • production

Visual Representation


Web 2.0 Execution

The Video will be posted to Karmaloop mobile app first. This will increase Karmaloop app downloads and encourage more use of the app for purchases. Lunch Time is a peak activity time for social networks, with the integration of twitter and the Karmaloop mobile app, this will allow users to easily watch the video on their phone and submit their guess through their twitter app. 


A tweet will be sent once the video is uploaded to the Karmaloop app to let followers know that they should be close to their phone soon. This tweet will be shared on Karmaloop and KarmaloopTV 's twitter handle reaching 461.4 thousand people ! 50 people will win and share their experience with their followers reaching even more people.

The first 50 replies with the correct answer and hashtag are winners of a special discount code. The first 10 replies with the correct answer will receive a higher discount code than the other 40. To be considered a winner you must follow Karmalooptv and/or Karmaloop on twitter and use the hashtag #Karmalooplunch in your tweet. Winners will be asked their email info and a discount code  will be sent to their email.

Celebrities already want to know where to eat in different cities! 


Fashion and Food in 15 (Photos that is)

The host and guest will take as many photos as they want during the lunch and then pick 15 photos to be used to create a flipbook for instagram using the Flipagram app. The Pictures will showcase the place that the host and guest went the clothes that they wore and the food that they ate.You can add music using Flipagram so this will allow karmaloop to  further build relationships with music artists. Once posted on instagram the hashtag #karmalooplunch will be used and the artist music that was featured in the post along with any other needed hashtags.





Create a photo album of the pictures taken during the lunch.

  • behind the scenes

  • candids

  • funny pictures

  • etc

Sales Goal

 With 10 people being given a higher discount code, you have given 20% of the winners more incentive to purchase products from Karmaloop. Actual amounts will vary based on what the customer purchases.

The advantage to THIS web series is the cross integration across different Karmaloop platforms. The consumer is given a reason to act and purchase. Karmaloop is able to engage current customers and bring in new customers!

 Lunch time is powerful!

Tyler the Creator

Mac Miller

Jeff Staple

Action Bronson

Thank You

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