Lunch Bag Pack(aging)

Lunch Bag Pack(aging) - student project

Lunch Bag Pack(aging) - image 1 - student project

I don't consider myself an artist by a long shot. These are just a few images of hundreds that I've collected for various works. They are reminiscent of an era gone without the computer. When an artist was hired to create a design, they wen't to work with pencil, pen, ink, brushes, etc. They were masters of their crafts. What they did then (with limited tools) was amazing and precise. All of those letterforms and minimal color palettes have and keep inspiring me. So, I would like to attempt to create a simple and economic way to package my tshirts....henceforth the Brown Lunch Bag Packaging.

I am doing this project to keep my skills sharp...because they've taken a beating with the day to day grind, and also to get back to the basics of why I do design, because I love it.

Lunch Bag Pack(aging) - image 2 - student project

Time for one sketch. So, this is what I'll be inking...and yes, cleaning up...alot!

Started inking. Though the class is "officially" done, I will finish it and upload the final product.

Lunch Bag Pack(aging) - image 3 - student project


Lunch Bag Pack(aging) - image 4 - student project

Pablo Frascini
Señor Designer