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Lunar New Year Letter Paper

Hello Everyone !! :)

I recently attended a Chinese New Year even, or Lunar New Year event and I loved all the flower arrangements and decorations!! They were absolutely vibrant, colorful and beautiful!!

After going through all the video lessons in this class I decided to use that as my theme for this project! I think gouache it's going to be awesome because of the opacity of the pigments and how rich this flowers are.

Here is my mood board. This are the pics of the event, some of them, and a couple of inspirations I found on pinterest.


I'll be sketching my composition and uploading it as soon as I have it !! :)

This class was so relaxing and fun !! Loved the airplanes on the background btw ! :) such a fun!! :)

Update: Feb. 29

Here is my first take on the project. I did a sketch first so I could guide myself while painting. It wasn't that intense but I had to improve the pic so it could show up.


Here  is my color palette :) starting to mix the colors


I have the pic upside down !! I'm sorry but I was working with my old ipad and couldn't fixed it latter. At first I went all intense with the color, Lol I didn't realized how intense it was !! So I kind of rolled with it since the color was already on the paper! 




This is the final piece after I added details and some line work. 

 I LOVE The intensity of this medium!! Omg ! never tried before. Love it!


Here is my second attempt. Again I started with the sketch, this time I changed the composition a little bit and used less elements on the top part


I approached this more like a watercolor project. Looove how the color flows and shows ! 




Here is the letter with some details added and the frame. 


So .. here is some fun experiment I felt like doing. I cut the frame once I finished the paint and I tried different backgrounds before adding glue to the final project. 




This is Chinese Caligraphy that I got at the event from a master painter in this art. This one says Joy ! :) 


And this is the final piece already glued. :) 



I really enjoyed this class and plan on keep practicing and doing more letter papers because it is realxing and fun !! :) and pretty !! 


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