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Luna from Dota 2

This entire video series was really helpful.  While I still need to imrpove my anatomy and proportions I was comfortable enough to sketch.  This wasn't really the case with digitally painting, I was very uncomfortable with it, or atleast uncomfortable with coloring character sketches.

So while the lesson is mainly about capturing characters in motion, I decided to ease myself in better by sticking with one character subject and having the pose more static.  The idea is that once I get an idea for the workflow I can apply it slowly to more complicated pieces.

So I went with Luna from Dota 2.

Here's the inital rough sketch, with a cleaner sketch over it:

Here's the linework+solid base color.  My linework still needs to improve, it's pretty wobbly but atleast I got some solid advice regarding lineart.

Onto the flat colors:

Then the basic shading coming around:

Then the final:

Overall, I learned a ton from this.  Thanks Patrick!

Did a painting of Drow Ranger aswell with the same workflow:


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