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Luna Tea - student project

Update: Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I haven't been able to work on my project during the timeframe set for class, but I'm posting here what I came up with anyway. Sorry Hannah :/

Here's the front of the tea bags for the three flavors: (I changed the specs, it's now in a square box)

Luna Tea - image 1 - student project Luna Tea - image 2 - student project Luna Tea - image 3 - student project

Update: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thanks to Hannah's feedback, here's a clearer idea of my project:

Brand: Luna Tea

3 different flavors of tea will be housed in a wooden box. My original idea was to use a tin, but on second thought I went for an earth-friendlier solution. I've uploaded photos of the box below.

The three flavors of tea are:

- Snow Moon (name of the February moon): White Peach flavor

- Rose Moon (name of the June moon): Pink rose flavor

- Long Night Moon (name of the December moon): Black Cherry flavor

Here are links to 2 websites that I found useful:

- Tea packaging design:

- Packaging design for inspiration:

Luna Tea - image 4 - student project

Luna Tea - image 5 - student project


First post from Monday April 8, 2013.


I'm really excited about this course as I've been wanting to take package design courses for years!

I hesitated between the following: a set of three soda flavors, and a box containing tea bags. I think I'll enjoy designing tea bags and their container more. Below's a summary of my ideas. I have a few brand name ideas... my favorite might be the last one (Luna Tea.)

What attracts me in designing tea bags is that it allows for creativity and it's fairly simple to hand make them.

My products:

3 flavors of tea: White peach, Black cherry and Pink rose.
A tin containing them.

Potential names:

Simply Tea
Good Times
Flavor it teas
Luna Tea

- A few images that inspire me:

Luna Tea - image 6 - student project

Luna Tea - image 7 - student project

Luna Tea - image 8 - student project

Thanks for any feedback!

Amber Flynn

Web Developer