Luminous object and a Brickwork

Luminous object and a Brickwork - student project

A really informative and a little bit challenging for me class. I always liked that kind of paintings - with lights and luminous objects. It is really interesting the contrast between the objects in the light and those in the dark, the temperature of colors etc. The brick wall was really fun and meditative process allthough I forgot that I have this concrete thing on top and bottom of my window and I went over it. Maybe the most hard part for me was the window frame, maybe because I didn't really understand how exaclty it interacts with the light. In the end my frame was pretty flat so I went over it with watercolor pencils. I like the result and I am looking forward to the next great class from Olga :)
Luminous object and a Brickwork - image 1 - student project