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Luminous beings are we. - YODA

Star Wars has become one of my favorite movies as I've grown. I like the wisdom and truth the movies hold even though they're fiction. "Luminous beings are we," said by Yoda in Episode V, is one of my favorite lines. It is very true in many aspects of humanity. We've created language, mobility, extremely sophisticated tools, and created civilization all over the earth. It is amazing what we have done and what we can do. On top of our social and mental abilities, our bodies are wondrous machines. Yet, we still have much to discover about ourselves and the world we live in.

We are 'luminous' because we have come realize what other organisms could never do.

Sparkling, gleaming, and glow really stood out to me. I could see all these words shining bright on a large sign. What place is better known for extravagant lights than Las Vegas?

Here is some of my inspiration. I want it to look a bit vintage with a bright marquee style or resemble light bulb signs.

Some of my sketches are unfinished, mostly because I didn't like the direction I was going in. But some turned out really great!

These are just a few of what I've been doing. I really like the looks of "luminous" and the serif "beings."

Here are some VERY rough thumbnails. 

I liked the last one the most even though you can't hardly see it! I wasn't very neat with it. So, I started playing around and came up with these...

Please excuse the messiness (and crappy photos!) is not even remotely finished and I did make mistakes. I just wanted to get my ideas out in a hurry and get a sense of direction.

I drew it again...and really like this layout, but am still working on "are we" and its placement with other elements. It will go right next to the big arrow. I know I want it to be a more script, handwritten style.


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