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Lumineers - Glastonbury 2014 poster

Hey class!

So I'll have to apologise in advance for the quality of my sketch - for those who can venture a decipher I welcome the feedback! 

So the band I've chosen to design a poster for is "The Lumineers" - a wonderful band who are continuing to bring fresh life and energy to the modern-folk scene whilst giving tribute to the past. 

So I'll get in to some design thoughts – 

Whilst there's a lot of joy to be had when listening to the Lumineers, I always find the joy is coming from a bittersweet sense of nostalghia, longing or memory – be it for a time, a place or a person. There's also a sense of hope in their songs despite the tradgedy of the moment – so I wanted to design a poster that felt like the past was being referenced and hope being carried forward mixed with a sense of journey. 

I also find a picture of America being referenced in their songs (stylistically or lyrically) that feels cinematic or somewhat of another era and so I wanted to reference this too.

I've only had one real idea so far;

I wanted to design the poster as if it were promoting a Lumineers performance at Glastonbury - one for the fans to say "I'm going there".

The first thing that struck me about the Glastonbury pyramid stage is that it bears a resemblance to a tipi or tent and so I had the thought of combining the stage with an old 'wild west' wagon. This wagon would contain silhouettes of 2 of the 3 band members with a third 'leading' the party on horseback.

In the distance the old American west ridges would be lit by the fading sun, whilst upfront the 'leader' on horseback would be lifting a lantern near a sign that reads 'glastonbury'.

Below is an exremely rough sketch for this concept! 


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