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A magazine discussing Art & Sculpture, made with light.

Check out Lumen by Gary Mackay

Having had a long term love of art & objects made using both natural & artificial light, my goal is to bring some of that beauty I enjoy to readers.

The image below I remember seeing in a book in 1987, and reading about James Turrell's process of projecting hard light into the corner of a room. It creates an illusion of a cube projecting into the room.

James Turrell, Afrum, Pale Pink, 1968. Projection

Update 25 July 2013

I have 30 articles now, feels like a good number to make it worthwhile for attracting potential subscribers. I am now trying to figure out how to attract readers, this is probably simple to most people, but very new to me. It seems the best way to start is get involved & like other projects. So I am interested in contibuting to others magazines. I have also started another two magazines & have an idea for a 4th one, so I can hone my skills & attract readers accross from one to the others?

Any suggestions or tips are very welcome, & if you want contributors to your magazine or want to contribute to any of mine, feel free to let me know. [email protected]

Now up to 32 readers, really enjoying this also as a way to put aside stories I can read & research at a later time. Making 5 mags now.

Update 25th April 2014

Now up to 114 readers. Slow steady progress. But still love that i am collating art that i love & can come back to anytime. Really enjoying myself


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