LumberCraft Studios

LumberCraft Studios - student project

LumberCraft is the boutique one-man woodworking studio in smalltown USA. I'm doing a full identity project for them, but for the purpose of this class I'll mostly be focusing on how that brand will translate onto hangtags that will be on display furniture. 

Many woodworking brands seem to be too rough than what would suit here. It's not a sawmill, but really more of a thoughtful craftman's studio. I really want to bring out the essence of thoughtfulness and delicacy that this man works with. At the same time, I don't want it to lose it's testosterone. 

Initially, I feel drawn to pursue a wordmark that seems handdrawn, but also has a degree of polish to it. Perhaps a semi-cursive style or ligatures? 

I also feel that given the aesthetic and the various means where the brand will be applied, it'd like to keep it as a one color design. It may eventually be branded into the wood or stamped on by the builder himself.

Here is my Mood Board:

LumberCraft Studios - image 1 - student project

LumberCraft Studios - image 2 - student project

I'd love to hear other thoughts for inspiration as I start sketching!

Here are some of my first sketches. I dropped a letter in next to some of them in case you have any specific comments. Not a whole lot of variation at this point, but I'm mostly working on what a script might look like. 

LumberCraft Studios - image 3 - student project

LumberCraft Studios - image 4 - student project

LumberCraft Studios - image 5 - student project

One of the things that I feel is very important in a good script mark is a nice variation in line weight. I'm not sure I've accomplished that yet. I'm trying not to hunker down trying to perfect anything just yet, but rather move quickly through things and just try to get ideas out. What are your thoughts so far?

6/11 Update:

I've chosen some sketches and begun the vector process. I'm not too satisfied with how it is going, to be honest. I would still like to get a greater line variance. 

LumberCraft Studios - image 6 - student projectLumberCraft Studios - image 7 - student project

LumberCraft Studios - image 8 - student project

I've been working with this crest shape because it seems regal and reminds me of old family crests. I've also been trying to give it some texture.