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Lulu's CV

Hello, I have to start looking for a new job soon, so this session couldn't have come at a better time for me. Here's the before post of my resumé:


I actually first made this with Illustrator because I wasn't familiar with InDesign yet, so I'm looking forward to updating it using InDesign this time.

I just realized you're also giving feedback on content, so for that it might be a problem that my CV is in Spanish. Should I do an English version or is it okay to just focus on design?


I went on vacation during the week the 2-week session ended, so I just finished this now. I'm hoping I still get some feedback.

I have two versions and I'm not sure if which one would be better. I like the one with my name shorter and in vector form (2nd image), I think it gives it more personality, but I'm not sure if could be considered less professional?




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