Luke's Project

Luke's Project - student project

Luke's Project - image 1 - student project

Title: Windy blowing sand dune migrating at dusk, low angle time lapse

Keywords: climate change, contemplation, elements, horizontal, landscaped, powerful, rippled, serene, backgrounds, calmness, exploration, smooth, tranquility, loneliness, solitude, quiet, desolate, environmental, movement, heat, blowing, twilight, dusk, outside, textured, empty, wavy, dust, wind, desert, dune, land, migration, remote, climate, weather, particle, copy space, no people, time lapse, timelapse, sand

Luke's Project - image 2 - student project

Title: Aerial view of tanker barge navigating up the Rhine-Herne canal

Keywords: delivering, haul, haulage, resources, gasoline, logistic, freight, carrying, shipping, power, trade, commerce, crude, fuel, full, export, carrier, navigation, supply, large, oil, big, cargo, float, bulk, industrial, tanker, marine, nautical, dawn, vessel, traffic, transport, morning, channel, germany, aerial view, no people, drone, fuel tanker, oil tanker, rhein, rhine herne canal, ruhrgebiet, tanker barge

Luke's Project - image 3 - student project

Title: Drone flyover restored Castle on ridge overlooking river, golden dawn sunrays 

Keywords: fairytale, magical, mansion, mystery, residence, rising, sunray, glow, dramatic, gold, sunshine, illuminated, majestic, vivid, stunning, sunrise, romantic, vacations, golden, structure, vibrant, warm, manor, poster, panorama, scenic, scenery, ruin, castle, germany, aerial view, no people, drone, castle isenburg, hattingen, isenburg, north rhine westfalia, nrw, ruhr, ruhrpott, ruine isenburg