Luke's Priority Sleepy-time Hacks - Oh My!

Started working on:

  1. Breathing through my nose instead of my mouth.
  2. Breath-right strips (picking up tomorrow)
  3. Download and use Flux (trying it out now)

Stuff I will work on soon:

  1. Take two 15 minute walks outside during the workday
  2. Move desk near a window or buy artificial bright light lamp
  3. Drink atleast 66 oz of water a day
  4. Exercise 20-30 mins 5 days a week
  5. Wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday (atleast do better at this)

Maybe, some day:

  • Open your blinds/shades as soon as you get up (got a partner who doesn't like this idea)
  • Limit Coffee or Soda to 1 cup a day consumed 8 hours before bed
  • Limit alcholic consumption to 1-2 drinks

Stuff I already do or do most of the time:

  • Stop wearing sunglasses on way to and from work
  • Limit consumption of water to 8 oz before 1.5 hours within bedtime
  • Avoid eating after 2 hours before bedtime
  • Change sleeping temperature to 65-70 degrees
  • Limit in-bed activity to sleeping and naughtiness


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