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Luggage Labels

Below are my final designs in color. 

I found lots of color inspiration in these beatiful vintage airline posters. I used Illustrator's color guide to keep my color choices in rhythm. 

To save time and make getting my designs into Illustrator a little easier I decided to begin working in grayscale. The labels are in the order I created them and I can see a stark contrast between the first ones and the last one as I worked my way through the course videos and became more comfortable with the shape tools. I'm going to circle back and tighten up the early designs and add color. 

After doing some research I made a list of cities and began creating some rough sketchs for landmarks and see how they might fit inside of different shapes. 

After creating a mind map I decided to create my project around the vintage luggage labels people used to mark their trunks and luggage with. 


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