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Ludwig's watercolor project :D+

First & foremost. Thank you for making this class Ana. It's awesome! I'm having so much fun(: I'm not exactly a beginner with watercolors, but I've learned so much from you & I've improved dramatically with my techniques & what not. I used to use a cheap Loew Cornell brand, but all the artwork I'm going to upload is Dr Ph. Martins Radiant collection & some Winsor & newton tubes. As well as W&N masking fluid. I hope for Christmas I will get a W&N pan set :) anyways, this is my progress. It'll have quite a lot of my different artworks. I'll come back & add more/edit frequently. I hope you all enjoy my art :) & I hope you think I'm doing well in your class Ana :) (My scanner really does NOT do the vibrancy of colors justice :( I promise they are much more vibrant & beautiful in person!)


So this is a wolf & cat painting I made for mother. First painting I had done in a while :D


Then there's these 2 cats that I'm really proud of :D



My Unicorn painting :D unfortunately it's sideways, sorry about that. & I accidentally smudged it. oops!


A Rainbow tabby for a friend :)


A nightmare before christmas piece ^.^


Sorry for the TERRIBLE image quality on this one. It was quite difficult to scan it since it was in a moleskine notebook. The colors are so much more amazing in real life, the quality of my paintings here are making me sad :(


I'm not sure what's up with that grey on the bottom...I really don't know how to use my scanner or editing software. lol. however, this is class project 1-3. Gradients. Pulse & Precision. & colors fading to the next. All the random scribblings & nonsense is for practice, & so that I won't waste any left over paint on my pallete haha :)


Again with the grey sides uugghh -___- but I really liked making this flower, it was quite relaxing! I'm going to fill up the whole page with gradient flowers of different colors :D I'll upload that soon..


This one was quite the fun one! I didn't have as many inks as Ana does, but I will get more! The bleach didn't turn out quite as I had hoped. I hoped it would make the colors pale, not completely erase them! Quite an enjoyable exersize nonetheless :)


This is my spacy wolf with arrows shooting through him :) I used Bombay white ink & white acrylic paint. I also used a Zig Wink of Stella pen to add some sparkle to the stars & constellations. Kind of hard to see but it's there!


&now back to the class! These are my jellies :D I'm really proud of them. I'll probably upload a picture from my iPhone later, maybe that'll do the colors more justice.


 That's my jellyfish again, but with a picture taken with my Iphone :)


My final assignment is finished!!! I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult actually. It was so much fun! I really can use this as so many backdrops :) again, this was all with martins radiant collection, winsor & newton cotman tubes, winsor & newton cotman spiral pad, martins white bombay ink, higgins black magic ink. & white acrylic paint. With the Zig wink of stella glitter pen, which doesn't show in the picture:( this was taken with my iPhone!


I had to upload this in low quality (bad resolution), my printer is terrible...But this is a scanned version. Hope you all enjoy my project!(:


Black acrylic wolf with watercolor flames.



I tried to recreate the healing crystals :) I used Bombay white ink for the designs. I'm not sure why it blended into the crystals & wasn't as opaque as I had hoped.



I made a cloudy night sky! This was my first attempt at making cloud puffs, I need to practice some more. 


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