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Ludwig's Project Part 2:D

Hey everyone! Hopefully you guys have seen my other projects from the first class & enjoyed them!:) Hope you guys like all of these, sorry it's kind of a lot. 


First Project! I made a not so great tiger for my pulse & precision square. Then a wolf in the forest with masking fluid. Lastly, a dino made from white ink!(:



sorry for the border around the images. I got them off my instagram. My pulse & Precision exersize! 


I really need to practice my gradients :/ 


I'm actually really proud of this one! First I masked the gold parts & pentagram. Then I painted the globe, pentagram, hands, crystals & wood. Then the white ink of course ^.^!To make the weird effects on the hands, I'd drop blobs of clean water on the already wet paint.



I'm happy with my cloud practice, but I do think I need some more practice creating clouds.


My final project! I probably should've diluted the white ink more. But I'm quite happy with it! :D


My painting for venus the two face cat :) using pulse & precision to make a white outline around the cat.


Used gold & white ink :)



My City in the Sky painting :D Not the greatest pictures.

Anyways, I hope all you guys liked my projects, sorry it's so many xD This class was so much dang fun! I was dying of excitement for this video to come out! Thank you Ana, & I look forward to painting with you next month in Silverlake. We really gotta work on my gradients haha(: I look forward to everyone's feedback & comments!^.^


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