Lucy's projects

Lucy's projects - student project

This course have been a big inspiration for me. I'm finding it fun to paint with water colo4r, whereas previously I had just thought it was too difficult. Thank you Ana Victoria.

1. Negative Space

Lucy's projects - image 1 - student project

2. Masking Fluid

I tried to use masking fluid with two pictures. Neither was really successful. I used some masking fluid that I bought years ago. It is just white. So I can't see where I have painted. First I painted a bird, and tried to experiment drawing circles with a rough brush. But I didn't get any interesting edges. And I couldn't really see the bird either because the colours were too light. So then I painted an outline of the bird to make it clearer. I did the background just randomly but it's sort of meant to be escaping from a construction site with rocks flying. So I practiced doing separate regions of colour and tried spattering the paint as well.

Lucy's projects - image 2 - student project

Next I wanted to paint a Queensland day moth, because they have a nice white outline on the bottom of their wings. But I was frustrated with how I couldn't see where I painted so I put a little bit of yellow food dye in the masking fluid. Predictably it stained the paper. But I thought it was better to be able to see and it's still good practice. I also used some masking fluid on the leaves in the picture and played around with painting circles in the background like we learnt in the previous course.

Lucy's projects - image 3 - student project

When I rubbed off the masking fluid, I was a bit disappointed. These moths are very, very pretty but my picture looked quite ugly. I went over some of the white parts with white ink so they were white instead of yellow. Then I painted the bits I'd masked and painted some more black to make it look better. So in the end I'm not sure I got anything out of using the masking fluid in either of the pictures. I guess it made it easier to make a kind of ragged edge around the white decorations on the butterfly. But I find it a lot more fun to try to do the negative space techniques without it so I can see and decide what to do as I go along.

But anyway, it's been fun so far and I wouldn't have thought of painting a Queensland day moth if I hadn't been trying to find something in my animal encyclopaedia with white lines on it.

3. White Ink

Lucy's projects - image 4 - student project

Lucy Gow

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