Lucy of the Lake

Lucy of the Lake - student project

Lucy loved to be an adventurer, just like her mother. When Suzy her sister tells her not to swim off during a Game of Hide-and-Sea. Lucy decides not to listen.  Lucy gets into more trouble when she gets separated from her family. With her new friends trying to help her get back home will Lucy get back to them. 


Lisa do you this it is best to hire an illustrator? 


This is Lucy. I'm not finished with her yet. I still have to add details and coloring.  I would like to find or at least talk to an illustrator about her. I just want to find the one that would take care of her, because I have at least 5-8 stories that I would like to write for her. 


Lucy of the Lake - image 1 - student project


Do you have any suggestions??

Thank you. On to your next class.