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Patrice Horvath

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Lucy in the sky with diamonds

***Inked Sketch***

It's been too long since I've inked something, that it was actually refreshing to see imperfect lines. This is my first go at it on tracing paper. I'll reink it again before the next course using a light box, especially the "diamonds" part. The tracing paper tends to bubble. Can't wait to add color to this!

Thanks everyone for the very helpful feedback : )

***Refined Sketch***

Really enjoyed tightening up my sketch. I still see a few little spots in "Diamonds" that will need lines and spacing adjusted before I start inking. Question: If I want the shapes in my "diamonds" to be all different colors like the example diamond example in my mood board, that has to be done on multiple layers of paper? I want the flexibility of working with multiple colors for this so might end up with a lot of layers. 


Sketches below. Going to pursue the first one as my refined sketch and final.


Thanks everyone for the feedback on my warmups! Below are my favorite thumbnails that I plan on moving forward with as sketches. 

Thumbnail 1
Here my focus was using the more illustrative constellation and diamond letters from my warmups, which I felt were more unique. I prefer the composition on the right, but like the lock up of "Lucy" and "in the sky with" on the left, so I will be combining some elements together for this one.

Thumbnail 2
For this one, I had the idea to take the constellations and the diamonds and combine them so that the constellations are illustrating the shape of the diamond. I used a script type up top, to get some of the feeling I was aiming for in my mood board. Hopefully, my L's are reading better, but I will focus on that more in the sketch phase. As far as final execution of this one, I was thinking what if the background was a real photo of galaxy stars with the illustration layered over it. 

***Warm Ups***

Here are my favorites from the warmup excercise. I really like the idea of the letters being made out of constellation patterns in the sky at the top of the illustration. Also like the idea of the letters looking like diamonds. Or a script font.

***Notes / References***

I decided I wanted to use this project to make a poster for my apartment. Have some empty wall space that needs filling. 

Sometimes I like to work along to The Beatles. The quote I chose for this project is "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". I think this quote works well with the style I want to work in and the words in the quote gave me a lot of strong visuals to play with. Example: Maybe "diamonds" are something else that sparkles or glows like lightbulbs. And what's something fun I can use to be my "Lucy" character like perhaps a mermaid.

I want the piece to have a whimsical feel with texture, and a loose hand-done quality to the type. 


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