Patrice Horvath

designer & artist



Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Hi, and thanks for viewing my project!



Below is my final piece. I had a lot of fun with this part and think it added a lot to my project. Learned a lot of great tips in this class! Adding a layer of off-white at the end, gave it a little aged-vintage vibe that I really like.


It's nice to finally see this in color! Below are my options. I like the teal/navy and the navy/mustard the most.

Looking back at my moodboard there was definitely a consistent color scheme throughout what I had pulled. I used that to create a pallette of blues with hints of warm yellows and reds. Although I pulled a lot of colors for my pallette, when I started to play with them, I felt that keeping it to 3-5 colors worked best.

***Final Inked Sketch***

Here is my final inked sketch from Class 1. Still a few wobbly lines I will need to fix on the computer, and some of my layers aren't represented here. Can't wait to play with color and texture!


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