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Lucy Snigglefritz

So far: A reference sheet for patches I like from the interwebs and from Apple Metal:


A few years ago I published a kids book called 'The Adventures of Lucy Snigglefritz'. It was part 1 in a series - book 2 has been in the works for a few years now. I decided I'd try and vectorize the sketch of the main character and create a patch of Lucy for possible promotional use with the release of Book 2 in the spring.


And the final patch! I had to use the pen tool for various lines and add-ons but tried to stick with Pathfinder for as much as I could, and found it to be a pretty great way to save time and get solid shapes. I'm sold. :)


I'm not sure how well the shadow will translate on a patch, but i've seen patches with the burst background before and it matches the cover of the book, so I thought I'd try it for the patch too.


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