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Lucky cards

So, I really wanted to give it a go with this method. Bare in mind that I am a complete amateur when it comes to design; I have no experience on this field, and almost zero knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Yet. I was able to create something I really liked. I wanted to sketch something with a positive feeling, so I decided to sketch things that are considered to bring luck as well as things that, upon seeing them, make you wish something. 

This is the original



Although Selley proposes that we use the blob brush tool and draw on top of the sketches, I did not go ahead with that, because my mouse is pretty much unmanageable. So, I used livetrace instead. I'll try the other method when I get a tablet. 

Shelley's instructions were very clear and I was able to produce many color schemes:


(There are so many more color patterns on my artboard!)

Thanks again, Shelley, I really enjoyed it!

And the end result is this:


I did not pay much attention to the fonts or the allignment of the rectangles, due to my lousy mouse!


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