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Hannah Contreras

Student Artist



Lucky Scarab - Working with Character Designs

Hello, I'm Hannah Contreras and new to webcomics and took this class to get started. The class was helpful and fun but I had to tailor a few of the processes since I'm working with traditional media. The title of my story is "Lucky Scarab" and takes place in a futurist world that blends with Egyptian Mythology.

Initially, the only character I had really worked on was Mandy, seen here with her doll, which I sketched during the introduction.


When it came to brainstorming I came up with several faces. I started with very exaggerated faces to find different shapes and traits. I found three new character designs that I will use in the comic through that process. As you can see the first one is very sketchy/doodley.



Then I came up with a few more characters during the body shape sketches.



By the end of this class my idea of the webcomic evolved from just one character to the start of the story. Lucky Scarab now follows the travels of Mandy and her dad which can be seen below.



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