Lucky JC!

Hey everyone!  My name is Jerry and I took this class hoping to become a better designer and hopefully understand more of the process of building a brand, creating and printing neat t-shirts!  I'm not a very proficient designer but I'm very commited to learning and look forward to what this class teaches and feedback from all you great designers.  I won't lie and say I'm not intimidated by some of the talent here in this class!    

1.) What is your brand?

For my brand I chose Johnny Cupcakes.  I appreciate the nostalgic, vintage, and overall fun nature of the brand as well as how easily identifiable some of the designs are to people.

One of my favorite designs that Johnny Cupcake's has released is one of the Dave Quiggle collaborations of the Dia De Los Muertos/Russian Doll.

For my project I would like to incorporate the famous Maneki-Neko figure you might find at your favorite Asian restaurant and using the fun spin Johnny Cupcakes puts on these easily recognizable figures to make them his own. 

I look forward to meeting/working with all of you :).

2.) Sketching

I started by trying to keep the sketch as close to the original without adding too many "baking elements".  I went with the long length graphic that would cover the whole torso to try and find everything.  

Here's my attempt at a potential graphic for the back of the tee that's supposed to try and capture the elements of a bonzai tree.

I got a little excited and had a few ideas for some "Big Boy's" as well...


John McClane


If anyone has any critiques or ideas to improve these I would love to hear them!

3.)  Initial Design and Illustration

So I just used Adobe Illustrator for the first time and did the best I could to make everything stand out.  Friend helped me limit colors and came up with this guy:

Any general advice or tips on how to improve this design would be greatly appreciated!

I will be sure to upload the bonzai tree back design as soon as I finish it.

-Update May 8th, 2013.  

Hey guys, I appreciate all the feedback, it's been loads helpful.  Unforunately I haven't been updating as regularly because finals weeks kicked in during the end of this class so I was unable to update a lot of my project.  I still plan on making adjustments to the design as soon as I can (even though class has ended).  I had a blast and really enjoyed meeting you all.


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