Luck, Be a Lady Tonight. | Skillshare Projects

Amanda Tracy

Graphic Designer



Luck, Be a Lady Tonight.

'Ello ello! For my project, I wanted to create a peice that was fun, playful, and evoked a feeling from the past. I've always loved kitchy catch phrases throughout history, and felt like this project would really serve well to this theme. I chose the phrase 'Luck, be a lady tonight.' I find the idea of personifying 'luck' as a female really interesting--and it seems to have a lot of history, dating back to even mythological times. This quote really generated some fun words and phrases that I'm really excited to incorporate into my illustration. I wanted to focus on the 1950's era for this project. This would include using bright, poppy colors combined with really bold typography. I'm looking forward to playing with the juxtapostion between the illustration of the word "Luck" and "Lady" in my peice. I plan on creating this illustration in a poster format. Thanks for listening!


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