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Luciano Ponzio - student project

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 (Hi Heather, this is my project. I have to warn you that English is not my main language, so maybe there are some typos; sorry for that and thank you).




Keeps you active, keeps you happy

Make it your own

Find your next great adventure


Brand manifesto:


There is something magical about bike trips. Maybe it's the way you interact with nature, feeling the fresh air instead of an air conditioning; the songs of the birds instead of the radio; and seeing the roads instead of a GPS.

We believe that all can be summed up in one word: freedom. Zeebikes is our way of giving you back those things, that maybe you didn't even know you missed.


TV comercial:


Luciano Ponzio - image 2 - student project


Radio spot:


There are two kinds of people: The ones who like watching TV about amazing places, and the ones who actually visits them.

 If you are the second kind, this is for you. If you like the feeling of traveling an almost impossible route, the feeling of your blood pumping hard, the feeling of being alive; then you should get yourself something that won´t let you down the road

 Zee bikes. Keeps you active, keeps you happy.


Big idea:


A competition, carried out on social networks, in which the person who customizes their bike in the most beautiful way is rewarded; promoting the "make it your own" aspect