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Luchadores, monkeys n drunk fish

I feel bad for getting started on this SO LATE. 

ok, so short version (I'm sure I'll add more whenever I post new images!) - I'm co-owner of an indie game studio called DreamRoot Studios. I'm the only artist, and decided this would be a great class to refine my concept phase.

My original idea was to use this workshop for our main bad guy, currently called "Galactico". Last week while working on the game, I realized I left my Wacom stylus at home, so had to draw with a mouse. Boo, no pressure sensitivity :/. Also, we shuffled the PCs around a bit so now I need to redesign the girl. 

So, on that night I decided to do silhouettes for the girl, Bromista. Romero is pretty set, so I started with a silhouette of him, b/c I want them very contrasting. What's a bit tough is these guys are all luchadores (Mexican wrestlers), so they don't have much bulk on their costumes. Romero actually has a cape, but that won't be in-game, since I don't want to animate it! 

I'm not sure if I'll continue with Bromista for this workshop, or switch over to Galactico to take to the end. I was most drawn to the 2nd one I did - long legs, bigger at the calf, boxy torso. I did a second version of that with a bit more detail (again, since they wear form fitting suits I can't get a lot of costume detail with just a silhouette).

Well, I think really I'll just keep posting stuff here as long as others are around :D

oh - we also have a chef character that I did two super quick silhs for. 

-- -- update 2 -- --

I'm working on some actual poses now, based off the body type above (third from left on the top row). I'm not done but since I did these a few days ago, I deiced to post ow instead of wait till I was done with all of them: 

 -- -- update 3 -- -- 

oh, it may help to explain the character a bit. Bromista is the female luchador, and going to be the kooky/jokester one. Some of the sketches include a rubber chicken, since I think the designers are working that into some of her attacks.

-- -- update 4 -- --

I got some offline feedback that matched all the thumbs I was looking at, so I did those three plus one more. Here's where I am so far. I think it's time to watch The Walking Dead now, however.

-- -- update 5 -- -- 11/14

Usually, when I'm making characters, I define their general body shape, then work on the costume. So, I'm used to having fairly plain poses so I can work on their costume, and this process feels a little backward to me :)

I took the four images, and worked on costume variations between them. Pose 2 is a popular one, and that and 1 were probably the ones I was focusing most on.

I made some slight edits to 2's pose, and think I'll go forward with that one, but may tweak it a bit more for the final. I'm not sure on the costume yet... Pose 2 with the jacket is feeling too ring master to me, but that was my attempt at making her looks closer to old Bromista's costume, back when she was a guy ;) 

This was old Bromista; the costume being a black bodysuit, but a strange harness/cloak thing, too. I didn't try a cloak on new Bromista (that means ~joker~ in Spanish, btw), and still don't think I have one costume in the refinements that I really like, but my goal is to have something interesting while not being too annoying to animate! I like pose 3's costume the most, but would still like some slight refinements, like switching the pants for stirrup pants and adding the painted skull. I like the the flowers on the shoulders and open neck area to add some contrast since the costume and mask are dark.

-- -- update 6 -- -- 11/17

I already did a little bit of variation in update 5, but now I'm just working on variations of one pose. I still have more to do, but find myself really liking the third one. It seems a little less "expected" for a skeleton look, unlike the black body suit with white bones. I'm also liking the extra bit of something the curled braids add to her silhouette. (Just edited the fourth pose to be a quick costume negative of pose 3).

-- -- update 7 -- -- 11/19

i made some little adjustments after uploading ^


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