LuLuCakes by Claudina

LuLuCakes by Claudina - student project

A girlfriend of mine is rebranding her vegan cupcake business. I am using this class and the feedback to develop her logo. I've also been practicing goofing around with hand-lettering and drawing patterns to loosen up my hand and head a bit. 


- Claudina makes vegan cupcakes for local friends and businesses. She chose vegan as a healthier option and for people with sensitivities. The good news is they don't taste vegan! She also provides gluten-free options if requested.

- Cupcake designs are simple. It's more about the flavors than the toppings, although she can make cute decorations as needed.

- Mandatory naming: LuLuCakes Vegan Cupcakes. Can use: Seattle, Wa, Est'd 2012.

- Desired colors: minty teal and brown or dark gray

- Desired look/feel: vintage and handmade. Cursive/calligraphy mixed with other styles. These go to local clients who appreciate supporting local businesses. The Seattle market is saturated with cupcakes, so she wants to differentiate her brand as a healthier option for customers with sensitivities.

-Use: Facebook fan page image, stickers on delivery boxes, T-shirts, business cards, mostly smaller images. 

LuLuCakes by Claudina - image 1 - student project


Well, as it goes, I kind of ignored my inspiration board, mostly for lack of internet connection while we were out of town. However, I will return to it for more of the finishing touches. I'm not hung up on the chalkboard look, per se. It's more the decorative look and just being handmade that I really like. The 3 noted are the ones the client liked the best. I am going to develop 2 of them a little further, then decide on a final direction to finish.

LuLuCakes by Claudina - image 2 - student project

Here's a close-up of the top 3. I'm leaning toward #1, since that's more of my actual handmade style and skews younger (she does a lot of kid birthday parties):

LuLuCakes by Claudina - image 3 - student project

I know the lettering is SUPER rough, but I'd appreciate any feedback on direction. If you can't tell, she loves birds and hearts. I feel like I may be missing some of the "healthier" in the design, but I don't know if it needs to be hammered into peoples' heads since it actually says "vegan" in the logo. Thoughts?

I may plow ahead and actually get some letterforms figured out, which might change your input. Stay tuned!

Jen Vickers

Proprietress @ Committed