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Trung Vuong

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Loyal K.N.G.

Name: Trung Vuong

Location: White Oak, TX

Loyal K.N.G. is a brand about our culture and inspirations. Whether it's cartoons, music, movies, or comic books, we let our passions drive our pursuit of happiness. K.N.G. stands for Knowledge Never Goes, which represents the influences by culture from our younger years inspiring our present endeavors. Culture is ultimately our knowledge, it is represented all around us hence the reason behind our K.N.G. acronym meaning Knowledge never goes. Loyal K.N.G. is a love note to our youth and childhood inspirations brought back to the forefront of our lifestyle.

As a brand we’ve come up with many empowering and positive slogan that represents the Loyal K.N.G. lifestyle. We focus on every season to create a thematic, positive, and timeless slogan which inspires our collection’s direction and underlying foundation.

To list a few:

  • Knowledge Never Goes
  • Rebellious Intelligence
  • Culture is Knowledge
  • Knowledge Shall Never Destroy Knowledge
  • Chain-Breakers, Idea-Makers
  • Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers
  • Creative Minds Established in Destructive Times

We will focus on our “Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers” as the choice slogan for this project. While it’s easy to go into the story, meaning, and message of each of our slogans, “Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers” will ring true for most of our fellow entrepreneurs here.

Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers” is without a doubt one of our most powerful and relatable slogan representing the lifestyle of the American (your nationality) dreamer turn hustler. Whether we’re bored in our college class or slaving away at our 9-5 job to make ends meet, we’ve probably caught ourselves day-dreaming on things we wished we rather be doing or of higher aspirations and goals. Fortunately for the special and rare few, when the class and work ends, our day-dreams become something more visceral. The late-night inspires the heart of our true passionate hustle conjured by our dreams and vivid thoughts. We start to listen to our hearts and put in the work needed to bear fruits of great art. Each day fueling and motivating the night, and the night inspiring our days. Our dreams constantly intertwine with our hustle, and therein lay the beauty of our “Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers”. We are the folks that will change the world and inspire in others the yearning of the heart.

Our slogan even inspired our web-series entitled "Day-time Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers" featuring various artists through an inspirational in-a-day-of documentary covering their passionate dreams and hustles. A project we are proud to have produced. This serie was filmed and directed by our in-house director Thien Vuong. Check out the feature (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Our logo and mascot, Atama, is the embodiment of Loyal K.N.G. mission statement. Atama is a boy with an external brain-helmet fused with crossbones symbolizing his intelligence and pirate-based roots. Atama is a visual representation of one of our motto, "Rebellious Intelligence", in which we utilize our knowledge and intelligence in a nature that go against what common mediocrity dictates. The idea behind Atama inspires the journey for something better, forever elevating and growing, never stagnating and staying complacent.

[Loyal K.N.G. "Atama" logo is registered and trademarked. All rights reserved to its owner.]

In every season we introduce a new variant of Atama in reflection of the season's theme and overarching story. In every iteration, the logo is redesigned to retain its simplistic nature, backed by powerful meanings and symbolism. As an artist, we strive to use iconography and symbolism as a way to embody our positive messages and encouragement throughout our Loyal K.N.G. brand.

Atama logos as seen on t-shirts with front graphic hits and special back hits containing specialized slogans for the season.

Loyal K.N.G. (Pronounced Loyal Kay En Gee) is a name that was chosen for its embodiment of our brand's philosophy. We choose Loyal K.N.G. knowing it would stand the test of time and remain timeless through our generation without being pitted against trendy words and slang. The Loyal K.N.G. name also lends itself as a double entendre representing our support of Knowledge and culture from which our inspirations are derived from. And to tie-in the second, more hidden, meaning of Loyal K.N.G., the K.N.G. can also represent “king”, in which the Loyal King is privileged in his position of sovereignty through the knowledge of his people’s culture. In essence, Loyal K.N.G. represents our goals, dreams, and mission in pursuing a greater positive and productive lifestyle.

The cursive Loyal K.N.G. wordmark below was designed to display a timeless, unique, and futuristic representation of our brand’s name. Elements of attraction, elegance, and eye-catching were kept in mind when this wordmark was hand-drawn during the drafting stages. The idea was to design a wordmark that would be memorable at a short glance and raised curiosity for those who viewed the name. The curves, stroke, and styling are all details that were scrutinized to create something simplistic and symbolic of the brand’s nature, a task I feel we succeeded in achieving.

Other variants of the Loyal K.N.G. wordmark were developed for different aesthetic usage and stylized to fit any appropriate theme during the designing stages.

Here is the Loyal K.N.G. wordmark and "Atama" logo style guide for usage:

Our Loyal K.N.G. logo and wordmark actually appearing on the baseball field's billboard teletron during South By So What Music Festival of 2012.

Additional photoshop of a billboard featuring our model, logo, and wordmark.

Extra credit video of Loyal K.N.G. brand name adaptibility test. Watch the video (ctrl+click to open in new window) here.

People who are found to support Loyal K.N.G. and purchase our apparel exhibit these details (refer to Customer Profile):

Starting from just graphic t-shirts, we've worked hard to move our brand toward a presentable cut-n-sew line that would represent the Loyal K.N.G. lifestyle. It was an achievement for us to produce our first cut-n-sew collection of premium quality tailor-fitted button-up shirts we entitled, The 3 K.N.G.s. In this collection, we produced 3 unique styling of chambray button-up shirts with their own complimentary accented animal-style fabrics. Each of the 3 K.N.G. pieces are named after legendary renaissance men that helped shaped our culture from their innovative ideas, relentless hard-work, and continuous growing knowledge.

Our 3 K.N.G.s piece are designed for the creative, unique, and standout individuals. As t-shirts can be rocked casually, we wanted to provide a collection from our brand that can be rocked at all the higher-end joints, such as clubs, parties, and dates with your pretty lil lady. We tailored these button-up shirts to fit slim and utilized premium chambray, suede leopard, leather croc, and cotton canvas tiger fabric as accents to bring to life a fashionable piece for any style-conscious men.

Each of the 3 K.N.G.s button-up retails at 85$.

To build upon the theme we established through our “3 K.N.G.s” apparel pieces, we created a short stylized film portraying each of our 3 talented models on their day out. This trailer was directed by our in-house director, Mauricio Lopez. Throughout the 3 K.N.G.s film, we embellished many symbolic compositions, filming styles, and graphic cues that built upon the message we wanted to portray. Along with showcasing our 3 K.N.G.s premium apparel, we wanted the film to be a love note to the city that pushed us forward as a brand, Dallas TX. Be sure to catch the film (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Next in our collection is the classic Letterman jacket piece tailored to a slim fit and stylized with our Loyal K.N.G brand graphic cues. We entitled the line of jacket piece the “Rebel to Society”, harking back to our “Rebellious Intelligence” motto.

Stepping into the cut-n-sew jacket game was a risky venture for us financially, but it also meant moving in to next level of Loyal K.N.G. We made sure that the design cues of the Letterman were timeless, representative of our brand, and looked great when worn. Each jacket host its own respective color-way with our “Day-time Dreamers, Late-Night Hustlers” slogan embroidered on the back, logo patches adorned on each sleeve, and Atama and logo patches sewn on each chest sleeve.

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. Letterman Jacket retails at 265$.

Close up detailed look at our Loyal K.N.G. woven label used for our Letterman jackets:

As we did with our “3 K.N.G.s” campaign, we were excited to jump into producing the “Rebel to Society” campaign which would represent our Letterman jacket release. “Rebel to Society” is a short film, directed by Mauricio Lopez, in which we followed a gang of rebels in their reckless sense of justice through a socially in-justice environment. Inspired by our motto “Rebellious Intelligence”, we wanted “Rebel to Society” to add on to our Loyal K.N.G.-universe through another out-of-the-box approach in filming and marketing. Be sure to catch the film (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Loyal K.N.G.'s foundations have always been built on graphic t-shirts and will continue to be a staple in the brand's apparel pieces. Many of our influences and inspirations are poured into the creations of designs and concepts. Culture is our knowledge, and we pay tribute to that aspect of our brand through our graphic designs throughout our collection. Whether its music, movies, comics, or cartoons, whatever inspired our imagination and invigorated our passion became a live through Loyal K.N.G. in some shape or form.

The latest graphics from our Loyal K.N.G. 2013 season collection (as of present).

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. T-shirt retails between 30$-35$. [Each shirt comes with 3 choices of base tee colorways, those were not included for sake of saving space]

This is our Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2013 "A Day of Rebels" Lookbook film featuring our talented Dallas TX friends. We took the story of our classic rebels from our previous short film, "Rebel To Society", and followed them through a regular day in-a-life-of as they chilled with their comrades and the lady rebels. Be sure to catch the film (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Additional Loyal K.N.G. collections of pullover hoodies, raglans, sweatshirts and tanks utilizing our seasonal graphics.

This is our first series of Loyal K.N.G. 5-panel caps, and we are proud to present them in our unique designs. Each 5-panel cap is woven with the highest quality of hand-picked fabrics. We wanted to bring a unique and different take to the 5-panel cap approach, and thus inspired to create a line of 5-panel caps we're extremely proud of presenting.

Our official "3 K.N.G.'s" Loyal K.N.G. 5-panel featuring our "Atama" mascot embossed on a leather patch represents our latest line of luxury caps. The back panel of the cap features the "Loyal K.N.G." cursive trademark, along with a leather strap for size adjustments.

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. 5-Panel retails at 45$.

Our official "Cruel Spring" Loyal K.N.G. 5-panel featuring our "Atama" mascot embossed on a leather patch represents our latest line of luxury caps. The back panel of the cap features the "Loyal K.N.G." cursive trademark, along with a leather strap for size adjustments.

The Cruel Spring Black Floral 5-Panel cap features a beautiful black corduroy floral fabric on the crown with charcoal melton-wool fabrics on the front panel and bill. The strap of the cap is black snake leather with a complementing gold buckle. While the Cruel Spring White Floral cap features beautiful white floral cotton canvas fabric on the crown with grey melton-wool fabrics on the front panel and bill. The strap of the cap is a tan leather fabric with a complementing gold buckle.

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. 5-Panel retails at 50$.

Our official "Rebellious Loyal K.N.G." luxury team strapback featuring our "Atama Love" mascot, represents our latest line of luxury caps. Each panel of the cap features the "Loyal K.N.G." mark, the "L.K.N.G" logo, and "Rebellious Intelligence" embroideries.

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. luxury strapbacks retails at 45$.

The “Chain-Breakers Atama” Strapback cap collection featuring our Chain-Breaker Atama logo embroidered on the crown with each hat utilizing its own color coordinated strapback. The back of the hat has “Chain-Breakers X Idea-Makers” embroidered along with the appropriate Loyal K.N.G. wordmark and script logo embroidered on both left and right side of the cap.

Each of the Loyal K.N.G. Strapback cap retails at 35$.

We developed a web series entitled “Creative Arts” (Dir. by Mauricio Lopez) featuring unconventional artists in a creative conceptual film spotlighting their talents. We created this series to connect with our talented friends in different creative utilizing unique ideas and stories while also promoting our Loyal K.N.G. hat style releases. Watch as talented skateboarder, Greg Diaz, is spotlighted in one of our selected “Creative Arts” episode (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Loyal K.N.G.'s first skatedeck in collaboration with Octoh Decks. The skatedecks feature a special Loyal K.N.G. monogram backdrop with various Atama and Ocoth logos spread through out the board for graphical enhancement.

Each skate deck priced at 40$

This video was shot with our joint skate team with Octoh in a regular day out rocking the Loyal K.N.G. x Octoh skate decks during a few skateboard sessions. Watch the video (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

We also developed cool exclusive Loyal K.N.G. accessories to include as random gifts for each online order made from our store. These accessories are, for the most part are not available for sale, the only way to receive them is to make an online order. Our Loyal K.N.G. accessory line includes stickers, pins, and keychains. Below are a few photos of some of our available pieces:

(photo courtesy of Grits)

We also produced a limited run of Atama Wood pieces that were sold exclusively at our events. We never had a proper photoshoot of our Atama wood piece outside of a photo of it being used as a Christmas tree ornament during our previous lookbook.

We produced custom printed sealable plastic bags for our shirts to be sealed in for our online customers. Each order is given great care from being hand folded and sealed in it's own uniquely designed bag, written note with doodle, Loyal K.N.G. accessories, comic books, and other random oddities. We pride ourselve on providing an experience for our costumers.

We branded this Kia suv vehicle with a custom designed Loyal K.N.G. camo pattern with our Creative Mind Atama and Graffiti Loyal K.N.G. wordmark placed at the rear door of the vehicle.

Here are a few selected photoshoots of our Loyal K.N.G. 2013 apparel pieces.

Chachi Gonzales

Teyana Taylor and Karrueche Tran

Danny Trejo

To learn more about what influenced, empowered, and moved me to create Loyal K.N.G., please watch the short film (ctrl+click link to open new window) here.

Website: LoyalKNG.com
Twitter LoyalKNG
Instagram LoyalKNG

To be continued.


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