Lower Third Template

Lower Third Template - student project

Update 1

Being an engineering student, I'm really enjoying combing expression with animation. So this is the first time I'm uploading a project on Skillshare. Jake, please make more such classes on expressions.

I'm trying to make at least 5-6 variations but with every new idea, I'm facing a different challenge. 


Here is one basic lower third. Feedback is welcome.

I will soon update with another lower thirds.

Update 2 

In this update, I have made 3 different Lower Thirds.

I have also added checkboxes to titles so that we switch them on/off.

In the first template, I have used expressions so that the title stick to the right side of the name and at a certain distance lower no matter the length and offset of the name.

In 3rd template also the title will shift to the left or depending on the length of the name.