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Florin Maciuca

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LowPoly Me

Final update

Here is the final version of my low poly potrait. I am happy with the way it turned out.

looking forward to feedback and cricitx.


Update 27.08.

Here is the project with every trhing aligned.:) Thanks Lucas for the shortcut  witht the align action. I assigned it to a button on my mouse and everything we nt superfast.


Updade 27.08.2015

I finished creating all the vector "triangles" and the image looks like this. I will have some alinging to do. the 3 click shortcut worked like a charm and spared me a lot of clicks. Thanks.

I will upload the next phase with all the vectors aligned.


Hi everyone.

First of all I want to thank Lucas for the class. I enjoyed it and i think (hope) that the shortcuts will come in handy in the next part.

This is the Initial  overlay of my image. I think that I went a little to small in some parts and it will take some time to do the vector triangles... But only time will tell.

Will post soon the other parts of the project.


Looking forward to your feedback.




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