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LowCo Flow

Jonathan Low; Los Angeles, CA

LowCo Flow

You can't take the Low, out of Flow.

A dreamer, a Singer sewing machine, and ubiquitous inspirations were the starting foundations of LowCo Flow which have paved the path for multitudinous possibilities. Through our collections, we plan to combine the industries of skateboarding, streetwear, and fashion. As seen previously, other brands have successfully addressed these markets through graphic tees such as Hood By Air, Staple, and Diamond. But as many new brands continue to add to the graphic tee market, I believe that the classic button down shirt is defining its place as well in the three industries. LowCo Flow intends to not only contribute form-fitting button down shirts to the three markets, but also to add a functionality and flow to each individual's style that would appeal to anyone in the skateboarding, streetwear, and fashion industry.

**All items are hand-sewn and we tend to create a custom order according to the buyer's fit and choice, yet we would like to keep all items specific to a theme included in each collection.**

Collection: Denim Dri-Fit $45

The Denim Dri Fit Collection was purely born from a functionality standpoint. With the urge to mix fabrics creatively, I drew back to my roots in skateboarding. I always wore cotton tees with simple graphics when I skated, and after bailing and rolling away a couple times, the cotton found a way to rip. Yet at the same time, cotton was light enough to provide little resistance while skateboarding. In order to counteract these qualities of skateboarding, I knew that majority of the shirt must be made of a lightweight, durable material. Here the shirting denim comes into place being a lightweight, soft fabric made of cotton than can stand the routine day of skateboarding. Denim has also found its place in fashion and streetwear especially in the form of a denim shirt. As the fall season encroaches, the denim shirt is a great layering piece capable of being a first or second layer under another jacket to provide the warmth and style necessary for the colder months.

For the dri fit, the placement was key and fit perfectly with the collared shirt platform. Two vital parts of the collared shirt allowed for the usage of dri fit to completely increase its functionality. One of those areas was the collarband: the piece that attaches the collar to the shirt. The collarband sits right on the neck and can act as a moisture wicking device if the dri fit is sewn into it. The other piece converted into a dri fit material was the yoke. The yoke serves the purpose of enclosing together the back and the front pieces of fabric in the shirt. When substituted with an elastic, dri fit material, the shirt can better fit the user's body shape. In addition, the dri fit yoke allows for moisture on the upper back to be wicked away. This significantly removes sweat from the individual's back while allowing him or her to maintain a stable temperature. This functionality could serve to cool down a skateboarder during an intense session, or a casual individual looking to stay cool and comfortable.

The dri-fit denim collection comes in two options for denim and two options for the yoke. For the denim, there is navy denim and neutral blue denim. Both denims contain contrast sides and can be flipped and customized due to the capability of its handsewn process. The yoke could either be fully dri fit for double the moisture wicking or dri fit on the inside with a patterned yoke on the outside for a pop of color. Either options could be utilized by skaters or casual wearers in order to provide sufficient comfort and functionality in whatever your day requires.

Winter Collection: SweaterBacks $45

To begin with, the collared, button-down shirt is already a versatile piece in a man's wardrobe, yet we decided to add another function in order to add even more potential. Here we took the classic oxford shirt with some classic oxford colors and added the full back panel of fleece. Not only does this fleece provide clean heather grey colorblocking, but it also serves to add a warmth that only fleece can provide. The fleece adds an extra level of comfort on each side as well, improving the original oxford's softness.

The fact that the fleece is combined with a short sleeved oxford gives the shirt a whole range of oppurtunities to be worn throughout the fall and winter seasons. In locations with a lighter season, the sweaterback is an easy piece to slip on and be worn in order to maintain body warmth and comfort. In locations with a heavier season, the sweaterback is an essential layering piece that has the capability of being worn along with other jackets due to the fact that it is short sleeved. This allows for your body to breathe more while retaining your body warmth thanks to the fleece back panel.

The oxford shirt is a go-to piece in today's fashion and we hope that the sweaterbacks could be your go-to shirt for this f/w season. If you want another color done, please let us know which color you would prefer! Each sweaterback is hand sewn and the possibilities are endless for your perfect oxford for this season.

I would like to thank you for viewing our project, and I would like to thank Jeff for putting up this opportunitiy so that I could get the word out on our brand.

If you have any inquires on a custom order email: [email protected] (temporary may be changed in the future), and please keep in mind that all items are handsewn by me, not a factory, so turnaround will be about 1-2 weeks for a custom order.

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