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Low Res / High Impact

I am curating a show to illustrate the awesomeness of low-resolution prototyping for effective design. I want to use this class to help me develop a title graphic for the show. 

I began by watching the first set of videos serveral times. It strikes me that Mary Kate doesn't hesitate to erase lines that she has already drawn, even if she ultimately wants to keep them. She is so confident of her ability to put the line in the right place. That level of comfort with one's craft is something I know well in other media, but it's illuminating to see it here and understand how hesitant I feel to both put the mark on the paper, AND to take it off. Time to get over that! 


This came fast and easy. Ten years at the d.school will do that to you.

A page of brainstorms for associative looks and ideas.


Interestingly, my list of words produced few textual references when I went online to troll for ideas. But lots interesting visuals. A few of my favorites come from the searches around low resolution pixels. Lauren Nassef's doodle of Abraham Lincoln, Shawn Smith's sculpture of a fox in wooden 'pixels,' 

My colleague Emi mentioned Cinemascope and Technicolor (on the High Impact side of the phrase) which got me my first actual text reference. And then of course there's the iconoc cartoon POW!

Someone who seems to broadcast the low-res high impact ethos is Jen Stark. Her colored paper cutout sculptures would bre great if I caould find a way to reproduce that idea in 2D. 

Jen Stark


This is the rough rough sketch that I am going to start working with. A 'movie poster' that borrows the shapes of the Cinemascope logo which moves from a rough black and white pixelated approach on the left to a more highly resolved, color and '3D' look at the far right.


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