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Amanda Boyd

Just getting started



Low-Poly Pops

I knew of a simple way of getting this look on Photoshop, but the crispness of the angles get a little lost in the final results.  I'm excited to learn this way of producing a low-poly image in illustrator so that I might maintain a better, cleaner look.


I decided to do a photo of my dad and to really spend time on it so that I could keep his silly facial expression. I'm sure with some practice, I will gain some speed on projects like this. Until then, it will be just a fun style to do.


Here it is so far. I'm kinda diggin' the half done look. I'll keep working at it until it's completely colored in, then maybe I could play with the final look.


September 14, 2015

I had actually finished this a while ago, but never uploaded the final. I really like the way it came out.


Because I did a fairly detailed one, I thought I might attempt a less involved one by giving myself only 40 minutes to complete one. For the challenge, I did a photo of my crazy little brother and all of his lucious hair.  Here is the outcome of that session.



This is really a fun and trendy technique. I'm so glad to have taken this class and learned how to do it.



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