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Low Poly Art: Create an Abstract Wolf (PUBLISHED)


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Class Description


This lesson will take you through the basic of how to create a Low Poly Abstract Wolf character using Cinema 4D. In this class you'll learn the step-by-step process for importing reference images, creating basic 3D shapes and turning them into parts for your wolf character. This class is perfect for designers, illustrators and anyone else who would like to learn a bit of 3D modelling to add to their designs. The class is for beginners - intermediate. Topics will include some basic 3D modelling techniques and how to use lighting to improve the overall look of the illustration.


Project Description


Project Title

Create an Abstract Wolf


Create a low poly wolf in Cinema 4D and then take your finished render into Adobe Photoshop where we will add the finishing touches to the piece!

Through this assignment you will learn:

  • Basic 3D modeling techniques
  • Importing reference images
  • How to add colour and gradients to a model
  • How to add lighting to the scene
  • Basic tips and tricks in Adobe Photoshop


Upload your finished wolf character design! You can also provide some bonus screenshots of your process and wolf sketches with any tips that you may have discovered during the creation of your project. Feel free to try out different animals as well!


I have included both the 3D model for the Cinema 4D file as well as the final Photoshop file here for you to look at. A 3D scene is also available but feel free to create and use your own!


Project Outline Link - Project Outline Doc


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