Low Light Portraits

Low Light Portraits - student project

I don't go to many concerts anymore that would allow for me to have a camera inside, so searching for low light settings will be a process for me. Here's my first couple of test shots at a local brewery here in Orlando.

This is kind of my life with friends. I barely see them because of their schedules, and then when I do I get a few moments like these where they are looking at their phone trying to find something to show me. I didn't realize this was a common thread till I took these shots.

Low Light Portraits - image 1 - student project

I was glad the phone screen was glowing bright enough for me to catch her smiling at a text. And I like the warm glow from the lantern above her.

Low Light Portraits - image 2 - student project

This one I found to be ironic with the lighting. Both of them were looking up political memes and videos to show me. Still learning how to adjust my settings fast so I can frame better shots, but I feel like this is a good starting point. Will post more as I notice things.

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