Low Light Photography


I just wanted to update this post with some photos I took at a recent concert I was able to attend for Twenty One Pilots.

I was unable to get really close or bring in a zoom lens, but still tried to make it work.

Here are some shots from that night.






Initial Post

Thank you maria for the great lesson. I really enjoyed it.

It was great to learn about your low light photography approach and how to handle specific challenges. 

I love they way you posted your camera settings. It definitely helps to know how those settings effected the final shot.

Here are some low light photos I've taken and how I worked around the some of my own challenges.

New Sister 

I took this photo the day my 2nd daughter was born. Something that really touch me that day is how my oldest daughter was so excited and obsessed with her new sister. I wanted to capture that moment with both of them in the photo. the hospital room was really dark so I had to position the crib close to the window to get as much light as possible. 

I dropped the iso to 3200, set the aperture to f4 and the shutter to 180 because they kept moving. 

Leica M / 35mm / f4 / 180 shutter / iso 3200


Behind the scenes

These photos i took during the practice session of a new show in Las Vegas.  I had to rely on the house lights to light the subjects which i loved because it made it so dramatic. 

Leica Q / 28mm / 1.7 / Iso 500 / shutter 60 



Baby Selfie

This is a fun shot we did at the spur of the moment. We had a selfie stick laying around and thought how funny it would be for our 3 month old to take a selfie of herself. Our bedroom has very dim lighting so we used the light from the iPhone 6 to light her face.

Leica Q / 28mm / 1.7 / Iso 1250 / shutter 60 


Baby Cheeks

This photo was extremely challenging. The room was completely dark when we noticed our daughter  sleeping with her hands holding up her chubby cheeks. We had to act quickly before she woke up. We could not turn on any lights so we grabbed the iPad to use as the main light. 

Leica Q / 28mm / 1.7 / Iso 100 / shutter 1/8 


Thank you.


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