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Loving a Black & White World

Day 1, April 30.

The walls are a soft gray, a relaxing, quiet color. Black and white framed art hangs in a striking collage against the neutral shade. Photo memories of long ago mingle with the more recent wedding photo of my youngest son. I notice how yellowed the mat on the oldest art has become. The 3 inch formerly white border surrounds a young, freckle faced girl holding a paper cup and looking upward so wistfully at someone unseen. I'd always imagined her being at a carnival.  My sister-in-law framed this art for me as a gift. Hand lettering on the mat reads A FACE IN THE CROWD 1977.  It was my first piece of framed black and white photography. I think the little girl resembles me as a child and I believe her spirit feels right at home on this office wall of mine.

Day 2, May 1

Sharing wall space with the young girl is another framed gift. A pen and ink drawing from my son, showing a kitten looking down at it's own reflection. The large black mat, and black background of the art is interrupted only by a thin white line dividing them, which is just enough contrast to bring out the minimal white in the drawing. With her small head tilted and her wide, steady stance, I can almost sense the bewilderment of the tiny feline. Her fur is so finely drawn that I can feel it's softness with my eyes. The heavy blackness of this piece anchors the grouping of six and gives it the heavier weight & depth needed for balance on this wall.

Day 3, May 2

My two girls smile back at me as my glance meets theirs in the photo upon the gray wall just beyond my computer. The charcoal mat & chrome frame seemed a perfect complement in style, but far too somber to frame the lighthearted faces of my blossoming granddaughters. Gluing an art deco ribbon to encompass the frame proved to be “just the right touch” befitting the youthfulness of these beautiful girls on the brink of adulthood. The black & white photo seems to bring out the joy in their faces and the whiteness of their teeth. Their eyes have the same mischievous twinkle of their deceased father which keeps the memory of him forever alive for me. Black and white photos are so pure in their essence, protecting the senses from being distracted by colors of hair and clothing. Their simplicity speaks to the viewer with an unadorned simple form. I loved black and white photography decades before it became the latest trend in decorating. It feels as if the world read my diary and stole my best kept secret.

Day 4, May 6

Power and Majesty. The penetrating eyes of the eagle spotted his prey; talons spread wide and wings lifted high as he adjusts his speed to match his decent. The viewer knows the unseen prey will soon become food for this incredible bird. This is a black India ink scratch art done by my son many years ago. The background is all white except for three mountain tops and a black crescent moon. This art hangs top center of the wall group and has a lighter feel to it due to the all white background. The double mat of dark and light grey is a combination that merges the white background to the black frame. At a distance, the art looks very good, but not spectacular. However, upon closer inspection, you see the incredible wings, with each feather scratched out and layered one upon another. Drawn with such exactness and precision, I marvel at the beautiful bird with its widespread, magnificent wings and the amazing artistic talent of my son. This gift to me is a priceless treasure that holds a special place in my heart..  




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